Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Airtel free 3G VPN Trick For Blocked Simcards 2013

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Most of you know, Airtel is strict in blocking the Host Tricks and Proxy Tricks. After trying so many securities attempts in their network firewall, they have always failed in stopping us for tweaking their Network. So Airtel finally started blocking the SIM, as we know that the TRAI has strict his limitations in getting the new SIM.
The method defined below will work for both Live and Blocked SIM, this trick is confirmed working and do not fear from getting your host blocked, as this trick is also working with the blocked SIM.

Advantages of this Airtel 3G VPN Trick :

  •  Working with Gprs Blocked SIM CARD + Working SIM CARD

This trick is working with the Blocked Airtel SIM, with no Balance or Capped Speed condition. & also working with live simcards.

  • HTTP and HTTPS Protocol Supported
Many of the online users use the eCommerce websites Like eBay and other Secured websites which uses the HTTPS protocols are now supported under this Servers.


  • Connects at Zero Balance

Connection will be established at Null Balance, no need of any plan.
  • Android Devices Supported

Now you can Run your Favorite VPN Trick on your Android phones and Tabs too without Rooting your Device. this can be done through Feat VPN. Check out this tutorial for using any VPN Tricks on Android using Feat VPN.

  • Torrents Supported 

This is again good news for all torrent Addicted user’s you may Directly Leech your Favorite Torrents using Bit torrent as Kebrun VPN supports Torrents.
  • Download Status

You can download the File in Parallel and can even resume it.

  • VPN Stats 

No extra Pop-up adds and Mal-ware Websites. Just browse in the Clean Environment.
Steps to Connect  Airtel VPNBOOK Free 3G Trick in PC:

At First you will need to download Config files and paste it into NMD VPN

· Download NMD VPN If you don’t have

· Download AIRTEL VPNBOOK Modified Config Files 

Download Steps: Select Regular Download option...Complete any one Survey & Download your file (download starts automatically).


· Now Install NMD VPN and extract the download config files.

· After Installing NMD VPN, navigate to C:> Program files> NMD VPN> Config

· Paste Airtel VpnBook Config Flies in config Folder

· RUN NMD VPN, Windows 7 and 8 Users need to run the Program as the Administrator.

· Now Connect Airtel by using default Access point: airtelgprs.com

· Connect with the Airtel VpnBook Config with any Servers.
Your Connection will be initiated instantly, Wait for some seconds to get it connected.



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