Monday, March 4, 2013

Top 5 Smarter Related Post Widgets For Blogger!

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related post widget

You all may be using related posts widget for blogger in your blogs. Sometimes you may be using its text version and some may use thumbnail style related posts widget on their blogs. we found top 5 related posts which you can use in your blogs.

The top 5 of them are :


You can add the linkwithin widget on your blog by without a sign up and its so easy to install. It will install automatically on the post footer and it doesn't need much expert support.

                                                        click here to go


This is another favorite widget which don't require you to sign up if you don't want the advance design/options. The setting up process is very similar to LinkWithin but you get lot more control over your widget and you can even earn money showing advertise with it.

                                                        click here to go


This is just similar to nRelate. It helps you earn by advertising and most importantly, you can customize its css manually.

                                                       click here to go 


More Tech tips

This widget has been created  by an awesome blogger and its a nice looking widget. You must be well known with css and HTML for installing the widget.

                                                       click here to go



Blogger Bin

Blogger Bin related posts widget comes with nice CSS effects. This doesn't contain effects as it is just the text version anyway, its a nice one.

                                                      click here to go

These are all my favorite related posts plugins and use anyone you like. We prefer Linkwithin. If you had found anything new related to the topic that we had discussed, please inform me with the comment box.

1 comment:

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